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Season's Givings
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Everyone loves gifts, right? And most of us love giving, too! So, in the vein of under_xmas_tree and seasonsgifts, we bring you Season's Givings!

What is Season's Givings? It's a chance to gift virtual gifts to your friends, or even strangers!

But, how?!: You leave your name on the sign-up post and a 'tree entry' will be created for you. You can then share your link as you please, and your friends can come and leave gifts under your tree! Everything is screened so you won't see your gifts until December 24th when they're unscreened.

What kind of gifts are we talking, here?: Anything goes! You'll be asked for a general summary of your interests and people can make grahics, icons, fic, fanmixes, picspams, gifs, anything!

What if I lose my link? How can I find my tree? Your friendly elves will leave links to your trees on your tree post, as well as at the bottom of the welcome post. You'll also have your own tag!

How can I share the community for others to join? If you'd be so kind as to do so, we have a promo post with a shareable link!